Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Some Book-Buying Tips

A weekend trip to T.J. Maxx inspired this post. Not only is it the greatest place to get sassy designer pumps for 1/5 of the "suggested retail price," but it is also a perfect store to find children's books for cheap. Thus inspired, I give you my favorite places to shop for children's books...

*T.J. Maxx, et al. Greaties like T.J., Ross, Marshalls, etc. are ideal for book-buying. They have lots of your favorite authors' titles at discounted prices. At T.J. this weekend I was drooling all over the many Sandra Boynton board books available for $3.99, and Dr. Seuss's The Cat in the Hat (hardback, of course!) was only $5!
*Have you become friends with the Dollar Spot at your local Target yet?? I am slightly obsessed with Target, and always browse the Dollar Spot before I check out. Twice now I have found some great board books there. Our favorites are this little series, Fun With Shapes, Fun With Numbers, Fun With Colors, etc. They have little lift-up flaps that Blaine enjoys playing with. And they were a buck each! Taylor and I cannot figure out how they can put that all together and ship it to the U.S. and still make a profit by charging us ONE DOLLAR! (Gotta love China!) Anyway, of course the stuff in the Dollar Spot changes frequently, but don't forget to check it out.
*Thrift Stores. When I was collecting hundreds of books for my classroom library, I cleaned out Goodwill, Deseret Industries, The Salvation Army, etc. You can often find classic titles, slightly worn, for a quarter.
*Yahoo for yard sale season! It is just about time for everyone to do their spring cleaning and display all their unwanted belongings on their front lawns. I have found some serious winners at yard sales. Two summers ago I got 4 or 5 brand new Roald Dahl novels for a dollar or two (total, not each!). What a score!

So those are some hints from me to you. If you have more suggestions or ideas, please post a comment. I love and SO appreciate all of your wonderful comments and feedback. Happy shopping and happy reading!

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