Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Novel of the Month and Book Club Challenge

A couple of my friends told me the other day that they would like me to recommend novels for grown-ups (my word, not theirs). They even suggested a bloggy book club, which I thought was a clever idea. Well, here's the thing. I think every adult needs to read the classic children's and adolescent books as much as they need to read grown-up classics. Partly because it will help you be a better parent. And partly because there are a lot of greaties that you should not be living without!

So I'm challenging you all to read this month's Novel of the Month. (Which month, Mrs. Cropper? It's the end of May for heaven's sake! Well, I'm counting it for May AND June, so there you go!) The unique thing here is that I'm going to read it along with you for my first time, as I've yet to read it. Therefore I cannot now say, "You'll love it! This is a must read!" like I usually do. We'll be exploring together. The book is the 2007 Newberry Medal winner, and is entitled The Higher Power of Lucky by Susan Patron. It is highly acclaimed, but has stirred up a bit of controversy as well. If you want to read about that to make sure you want to read it, click here.

So here's what I'm envisioning. You read this post and take my challenge. You leave a comment to say "I'm in!" You rush out to your local library or Barnes&Noble, or click my link to Amazon to obtain the book. We choose a date to be finished by and have a cyber book club meeting about the book. What do you think??!!

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