Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Kevin Henkes Week: Day Three

Meet Wemberly. As you can tell from the title, she's a worrier. She worries about the tree in her family's yard falling on their house. She worries that her doll, Petal, needs a carseat. She worries because she is the only butterfly in the Halloween parade. But the biggest worry of all comes when Wemberly starts school. But don't you worry. Wemberly's teacher, Mrs. Peachum, introduces her to a little mouse named Jewel. These two darling, shy, anxiety-laden mice find strength and calmness in each other as they play all day together. At the end of the day Mrs. Peachum calls "Come back tomorrow." And Wemberly's reply? "I will. Don't worry."

Here's why I ADORE this book: Besides the fact that Wemberly is completely darling and a totally relatable character, I love this book because it is so darn funny! True to form, Henkes has sprinkled hilarious nuances throughout this book.

Favorite nuance #1: Wemberly's little comments. Sitting in the bathtub, "Mama, what if I shrink?" Looking at the crack in the wall, "What if it gets bigger and something comes out of it?"

Favorite nuance #2: Wemberly's grandmother. She is seen throughout the book saying things like "Worry, worry, worry. Too much worry." Best part about Grandmother? She's got dangling earrings hanging from her mouse ears, rectangular spectacles, and a purple T-shirt that says "Go With The Flow." She's got roller-blades on, and she's using a cane. Come ON! How much do we love Kevin Henkes?!


kate said...

Oh my I want to go and buy these all right now!!! Way to go Kevin!

emilyanne said...

I love Wemberly -- in fact, I think she might be a distant relative of mine, as I'm fairly prone to worry, myself. Kevin is brilliant. Love this themed week!

lori said...

Thanks to Mrs. Cropper...Lucy has been in love with Wemberly since her second birthday. Thanks Anne!

The Llewellyn's said...

You can count on me and Holly to be included in the book club.