Monday, September 3, 2007

This Week's Rainbow Book--The Flower Man

(Can't remember what a Rainbow Book is? Click here.)

In the past I wasn't a big wordless picture book fan. But I have come to appreciate them for both their entertainment and educational value. Think of it--a young child can infer a story from pictures long before he can read. And when the child is the one telling the story, think of how much he can use his imagination to add more details to the tale.
And so, I give you one of my most favorite wordless picture books--The Flower Man by Mark Ludy. It is the story of an elderly man that moves to a new town that is desperately dark and dreary. Throughout the story, we begin to see the impact one person can have in a community. As the Flower Man shares his talents and his light, the town is transformed.

What is particularly fun about this story is that you can really tell a different story each time you read it, as you follow each particular character throughout the course of the book. Also, I cannot say enough about the phenomenal use of color and detail in Ludy's illustrations. You simply must get your hands on this book!

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lori said...

I loved this book when you showed it to me! And Lucy is SO into making up stories right now. I've got to get it!