Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It's Almost Halloween!

Tomorrow is the big day! Let me recommend this:
The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything by Linda Williams and illustrated by Megan Lloyd. (Remember her? She illustrated Too Many Pumpkins.)
This is a fun (and a teensy weensy bit scary (but in a fun way) if you are around 4 years old) little story about a lady who is followed home one night by all sorts of mysterious sounds--like the clopping sound of boots and the wiggling sound of pants. Once she discovers the origin of the sounds she finds a clever way to solve the problem.

What I absolutely love about this story is its repetition. With each new page we discover a new sound, but then also repeat every other sound that the lady is hearing. And as you well know, repetition is crucial to all learning--and especially important for emergent readers. My students LOVED this story, and had a ball making each and every sound on each and every page! Our librarian read this story to my class as well, and she had all sorts of fun props for the children to use (like big boots to clomp, etc.), so you could make this a very interactive story time.



liz said...

I'm loving your recommendations lately -- I just hop over to the library website and place a hold. So quick and easy to run in and pick up books that are held for me! My kids loved Too Many Pumpkins.

emilyanne said...

I love this book. Do you know where I got my copy? I placed a Scholastic order with Mrs. Cropper almost two years ago :) I had to restrain myself -- I wanted every darn book in that tissue paper catalog. I love books. I love you.