Thursday, November 15, 2007

Aunt Sah-ee's Book

Blaine has an aunt named Sara. But we all call her Aunt Sally. Blaine calls her Aunt Sah-ee. When she was visiting us last month Blaine took an interest in learning his colors. He would hold up his blocks one at a time so that we could tell him which color each one was. But when he would later hold up a block and try to determine its color himself, he got a little mixed up. We determined that his favorite color is yellow, because basically every time he would hold up a block (regardless of its color), he would shout, "Yeh-woh!"

Sadly, Sally left us to visit other family in Texas. But just a few days ago Blaine received a package from her. In it he discovered a book called Colorful World. The enclosed note said:
"To Blaine, Love Aunt Sally. I uh, knew Blaine could maybe benefit from a little color help. I hope I'm not too late. I thought this was just so dang cute...and quite pertinent. :) "

This is a Doring Kindersly book. You know them, they're the publishers with the DK in the upper left corner. Those two letters on the front of a book are a good sign. They publish GREAT stuff from board books to grown-up stuff. This particular book is simple, colorful (duh), and perfect for your toddler's developing little mind.

"This apple is red. (large photo of an apple) What else is red?" (lift the flap to find photos of a strawberry, a fire truck, a heart, a tomato, a poppy, and more.) It's simple and completely fabulous. And Blaine loves it. He asks to read "Book. Sah-ee." His favorite things to point out, of course, are the red fire truck, the yellow dump truck, and the green tractor. And guess what, Aunt Sally? It's helping. Blaine's even moving on to pink, purple, and brown! Those are secondary and tertiary colors!


danielle said...

oh fun. fun to get mail (even if it's not for you). and fun to play with books. sarah...what a doll.

EMILY said...

I love this book! Claire also has this book and she gets so excited when I open the flaps. She kicks her legs and hits the book multiple time while blowing spit bubbles! Nice job Sarah!

Mary said...

hello! i just wanted to say i love this blog! i just about read everything you had to say. thanks for all the fun book ideas. i hope to check back again and again. I love my oregon connection...this is mary b by the way!