Sunday, June 3, 2007

Dear Bookclubbers...

Hi friends. First of all, remember that the book club is always open to anyone. Please feel free to join at any time! Second, for those of you who have expressed interest in reading The Higher Power of Lucky--let us begin! I thought June 30th would be a good deadline. It is only 134 pages of 4th grade reading, so even if you don't have much spare time, I figured a month would be sufficient. Please let me know if you'd like more time (like if it's taking forever to arrive from Amazon...).

Here are some things to note while you are reading that I think will make for fun and interesting discussion:

1) Plot development

2) Character development

3) Things you do/don't like about the story

4) What side of the controversy you are on

5) Good literary bits/clever writing

6) Anything else you want to talk about

I've been having a ball jotting down the "good literary bits." Here's one of my favorites thus far (from page 6):

"Lucky thought of a question that Short Sammy's story had lodged into one of her brain crevices. She figured she had so many crevices and wrinkles, almost all of them filled with questions and anxious thoughts, that if you were to take her brain and flatten it out, it would cover a huge space, like maybe a king-size bed."


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