Monday, June 11, 2007

A Gift Book for the Mister

Although I have no idea when I'll be back in a classroom as Mrs. Cropper, I've decided to keep up on my teaching license rather than let it lapse. That means attending workshops and such, which is SUCH a treat. I spent the last 2 days in an incredible children's literature class at our local library. Our instructor is the director of the library here and besides having decades of experience with children's literature, he has a passion for it. He also served on the Caldecott committee in 2000, which is big. (Note: I'll have to do a post describing the process these committees go through to choose Caldecott and Newberry winners. It's fascinating.) Anyway, you can bet that after a whole weekend of this, Mrs. Cropper is feeling rejuvenated and more excited than ever to share her findings. One thing I decided during class yesterday is that we need to have theme weeks on this here blog. So, without furthur ado, I give you...


Today's Eric Carle book is quite timely. In fact, you have exactly one week to rush out and buy it because I think it makes a most tender gift for the father figures in your life. The book is entitled Mister Seahorse.

Yes, it is all about seahorses, fishies, and other under water creatures. And, of course, it is rich with Carle's watercolor and collage illustrations. He also uses super neat plastic overlays to show the way these creatures camouflage themselves down there in the depths. All of that aside, however, this book is about daddies. And it is sweet and delightful. Here is what Mr. Carle says about Mister Seahorse:
"Dear Friends, In most fish families, after the mother has laid the eggs and the father has fertilized them, the eggs are left on their own. But there are exceptions such as the seahorse, stickleback, tilapia, Kurtus nurseryfish, pipefish, bullhead catfish, and some others. Not only are the eggs cared for by a parent but--surprise--that parent is the father. And this is my story about them. I hope you enjoy my story."

Mrs. Cropper hopes you enjoy it, too! Come back tomorrow for more Eric Carle...

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